I'm not a Filipina

A Film by Anat Tel

I'm not a Filipina

Six year old Krizel is a blind girl of Philippine origin, born in Israel. Together with her adopting mother, Janette, a foreign Philippine worker, they try to bridge the gaps of language and mentality amid the harsh reality of their lives, in a country that one of them regards as her homeland and the other feels like a stranger in. Operating on one of Krizel's eyes should allow her to see and will also improve their chances of remaining in Israel. Krizel doesn't want to go to the Philippines, asking her mother, in the event of "getting new eyes", that they be blue ones. This is a film about mother and adopted daughter and the fate that binds them to each other.

From the director:

I met Kristal by chance, through a friend working in a special kindergarten for children who suffer from eye defects. Kristal approached me, sniffed and touched me and asked me to be her friend. I immediately accepted her proposal. Since then for the past 5 years we've been friends.

For 3 years I shot this film. At first as a movie about blind little Kristal, but as time went by I understood that the real subject is identity issues and being a foreign in Israel. I decided to get into these important and fascinating subjects. During that period rumors and concerns about deportation of the children of migrant workers started to spread in Israel, and I became friend with Janet and supported her with handling all the bureaucracy. Actually, I've found myself wearing 3 hats: the first and the most important was to help these 2 women in their efforts to find solutions and aid to Kristal's eye problems and her remaining in Israel; the second, to be a friend, to encourage and to be their voice and serve as their "mouth" that is familiar with the local language and can help them to get out of this chaos; and the third and the most important for me, keep directing and creating, documenting the process that we are going through together.

I was fascinated, entering the reality of the migrant workers and especially of those who came from the Philippines. They accepted me with open arms and I dived into it. Furthermore, I got familiar with the reality of the blinds and was intrigued by it. That is why we decided to shoot this film from Kristal's perspective, little girl which experiences the world through sounds, touch and smell.

This is exactly the strength of documentary film which I love so much, being swept into a world that a total stranger opens for you. Today while working on a new project I experience it again with a totally different story, and enjoy every day of shooting which starts with plans and aspirations but who knows where it will end.

Festivals & Awards:

Doc-Aviv 2010 Competition Tel-Aviv; Doc-Aviv Galilee; Women Film Festival Competition-Rehovot- Israel; Other Israel Film Festival 2010 New-York; Jewish Film Festival 2010 Los-Angeles; Film Israel Amsterdam 2011; 10 Cinamatques & film clubs-Israel.

Developing grant, Doc-Aviv 2008; Winner of Aliza Shagrir Foundation 2009


Harvard Judiaca Libbrary Ottawa Jewish Public Library
Temple Sinai Los Angles (Ca)
Yale university

About the Film

Director: Anat Tal
Script: Anat Tal & Emanuel Miyer
Production: Anat Tal & Sasha Klien
Camera: Emanuel Miyer
Editor: Noam Amit
Music: Avi Benjamin
Consultant: Erez Laufer


Documentary – Immigration, Israel Studies, Disabilities Studies, Asian, Women Studies, Human Rights, Foster care and Adoption (52 min, Hebrew & English with English Subtitles)





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