Dayan - The First Family

Dayan - The First Family

A new series about the Dayan Dynasty

Five generations, four chapters in 2 parts, and one lineage you thought you knew. From the Yishuv and the establishment of Israel, to the subsequent victories, defeats and disillusionment, the Dayan family story is integrally linked to the mythology and history of the state of Israel. For the first time, the story of the First Family of Israel is seen on the big screen

Dayan - The First Family

 "Moshe Dayan was radioactive," says his grandson, Sa'ar, as he tries to explain how throughout Dayan's life and decades after his death, his family still struggles with the large shadow cast by one of the most interesting and enigmatic characters in Israel's history. The series follows 5 generations of the Dayan Family – "The Israeli Kennedy's" – whose story tells also that of the State of Israel; starting at the beginning of the 20th century, its rise following the 6-days war, its breakdown after the Yom Kippur war and complete falling apart after the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. One family with an overdose of talent, depression and madness, sons and daughters – the military personal, the politicians, the poets, the directors, the writers, the rock stars and others who couldn't stand the toll of fame and relations – are part of the critical milestones in the life of Israel, and tell its story in an intimate, scandalous and fascinating manner for the past 100 years.

Dayan - The First Family


 For decades Dayan family members are in the center of the public interest. Dramas, intrigues and scandals all over the media, coincide with the History of Israel in a new film series. Breathtaking combination of depression, madness and talent. -- Mako Ruth Shilony 

The Explosion of the family legend and saga for  five generations that scattered all over the globe. These are the ultimate materials to write the Great Israeli Novel. -- Walla, Nadav Menuhin 

Festivals and Screenings:

Geneva Jewish Film Festival
Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
Berlin Jewish Film Festival
Other Israel Film Festival Manhattan JCC NY
Miami Jewish Film Festival January 2020
Boston Jewish Film Festival February 2020
Chicago Israel Film Festival April 2020
Toronto Jewis Film Festival April 2020
Montreal Israel Film Festival May 2020
Sao Paulo (Brazil) Jewish Film Festival August 2020
33rd Israel Film Festival Los Angeles
Jewish International Film Festival, Sydney Melbourne Australia

University/College Libraries:

University of Chicago
Brandeis University

About the Film

Episode 1: 90 minutes
Episode 2: 125 minutes

Director: Anat Goren
Producer: Ofri Bar Ilan
Cinematography: Uriel Sinai
Production: Goren-Druker Productions
Editors: Efi Cohen, Erez Laufer, Ido Mochrick, Roni Kleimovsky

Produced for Yes Doco
Support of the Cinema Project- Rabinovich Foundation

Dayan - The First Family Dayan - The First Family



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