The Oslo Diaries

A film by Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan

In The Oslo Diaries, directors Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan (Censored Voices, Sundance 2015) bring us a riveting account of 1100 days of secret talks as told by the people who were there at the table.  The participants’ detailed and often emotional entries recount the political intrigue, fiery rhetoric, unlikely friendships, and overwhelming desire for peace that were the heart of the negotiations.

Featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews with key players - including the last on-camera conversation with former Israeli president Shimon Peres - the film recounts a geopolitical story, with a narrative voice that is personal and philosophical. Although politics ultimately doomed The Oslo Accords, the story’s end for the people of Israel and Palestine remains unwritten.

When a child is born in Israel, even before he's given a name, he already has a destiny which is set in stone: when he grows up he will become a soldier. This destiny is known to all, as most parents have been soldiers themselves. When we were born, back in the early 80s, our parents told us the same lie all Israeli parents give their children: "When you grow up you won't go to the army" they said, "There will be no need for an army, as we will have peace with our neighbors." Now that we are parents ourselves, we find ourselves telling our children the exact same lie. For generations Israelis have been dreaming of peace and failing to achieve it. Our question is "why?" — Mor Loushy & Daniel Sivan : Directors of Oslo Diaries


The Film Corner with Greg Klymkiw
There are documentaries that are pure, dazzling cinema with all the scope, poetry and virtuosity that place them upon the pedestal of art. When such films are also infused with journalistic principles that don't get in the way of great filmmaking and have vital, coercive and downright imperative subject matter, then what you get is something like Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan's The Oslo Diaries.

This is a film that breaks rule after rule, but does so with such aplomb and intelligence and grace, that we are left with a picture that not only confounds expectations, but breaks rules for two of the best reasons I can think of: to create great cinema and to further peace. These are fine considerations. One wishes more pictures had such lofty goals and were able to pull them off as astoundingly as The Oslo Diaries.

The Hollywood Reporter
Survivors of the Mideast peace talks during the 1990s share their memories and reflections in this comprehensive Israeli documentary. The main virtue of the film lies in the thoughtful interviews given by the Israeli and Palestinian negotiators.

Let The Movie Move US
This documentary is a fine walk into the past that just happens to fully absorb the present and the nearest future.

Filmmaker Magazine
You Cannot be Objective When You’re Making a Film about the Peace Process between Israel and Palestine: intricately woven doc, which refreshingly serves as a much-needed reminder that nuts-and-bolts diplomacy has never been easy or in fashion.

The Utah Review
They reveal the full spectrum of emotions for both parties, ranging from distrust and anger to skepticism and resignation and finally to friendliness and genuine motivation to reach an agreement.

Movable Fest
The Oslo Diaries continually stuns with memories and how warm the discussions became between representatives of nations so often depicted as mortal enemies.

Now Toronto
Brilliant film about the 1993 Oslo Accords shows how close we came to peace in the Middle East.

Hammer to Nail
Neverending Conflict: The Oslo Diaries will probably leave you frustrated, but maybe it will give you hope that such a process can begin again. It is a film to be watched and discussed, now and until we achieve real peace.

Medalia Productions and Docs for Education believe in the importance of the film for the General Knowledge of all students & Professors and specially those interested in Israel, Palestine, Middle East, Politics, Peace, Reconciliation, History studies should be able to get the film in their university/college library. We are sure that The Oslo Diaries is a starter for academic debates and discussions.


Best Documentary Award
Monthly Awards Copenhagen Denmark
Full Bloom IFF Statesville NC
Jozi IFF Johannesburg South Africa
Best Script Award -- Jerusalem IFF Israel

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About the Film

Israel - Canada
94 minutes
Hebrew, Arabic, English: English subtitles

Directed by Mor Loushy & Daniel Sivan 
Produced by Hilla Medalia & Ina Fichman
Edited by Daniel Sivan & Mor Loushy  
Original Music by Francois Jolin 
Sound Design by  Silvain Bellemare & Michel Gauvin
Produced by Medalia Productions
Co-Produced by Intuitive Pictures

Produced in association with 
Yes Docu
Radio Canada
Documentary Channel
The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
Mifal Hapais
Catapult Film Fund
Creative Europe Media fund
The Jenerosity Foundation
Hartley Film Foundation
RTS, Rogers, Sodec, VPRO, YLE, DR






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