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May 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

The academic school year is nearing its end and now is the time to think what you will be ordering for next year. Visit Docs For Education.

Docs For Education is a small distributor—in fact a one-man job—dedicated to bringing quality feature documentaries with an educational values to the colleges & universities all over the globe. (Israel, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA)

I started this project just eight months ago and already more than 100 libraries have our films. Some have one, others three or even six, but none have them all. So everyone still has choices.

In this newsletter I specially want to remind you about, Murder of a Hatmaker (Assassinat d'une Modiste). Made by famous French director Catherine Bernstein, this documentary describes the Holocaust during World War II in France. Catherine turned a personal story into a History lesson.

Hatmaker "With the precision of a forensic scientist, Catherine Bernstein researches the life and the death of her great aunt Fanny Berger, a successful fashion designer in Paris who was ultimately deported to Auschwitz. This highly personal documentary sheds light on Vichy France's insidious collaboration with the Nazis." — NY Jewish Film Festival

My personal reaction to this film and tale is that during the German occupation there were no Emil Zolas and no "J'Accuse" as during the Dreyfus affair at the time of Fanny's birth. For more information, see Murder of a Hatmaker.

For other unknown tales from the Holocaust, see The Darien Dilemma and Rafting To Bombay.

Nahum Laufer
Docs For Education

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