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September 5, 2012

Dear Friends,

New Academic Year will start soon and now is the time to plan and purchase new films.

When Edna Kovarsky (producer) asked me to distribute "The House on August Street" (Beit Ha-Achava) I at once took on the challenge, though it has been on the market for some time.

I take on only films I personally believe in, this film I specially appreciate as it corresponds with our film "The Darien Dilemma", first of all in cinematic value of Hybrid Documentary mixing doco-drama played by actors into regular documentary work, second both tell the tale of the for-sight of a brave lady saving Jews from the Nazi Hell.

The House on August Street

Films to have an educational value have to be made excellently and have a good story, "The house' can be recommended for students of Holocaust , Nazis, World War II etc.' and can be an excellent film for Holocaust Day ceremony, but more important for educators, to learn that more important than teaching is to keep in mind always the welfare and safety of your protégés, that is what Biete Berger did, and in this film Ayelet Bargur honors her great aunt for her life time work.

Another subject, Streaming films is here, so "Docs for Education" is joining in, we will be allowing streaming Licenses for 3 years for universities/colleges wishing to stream our films to their faculty and students for a license fee of $350, libraries that already bought the film will pay only the difference between what they paid, if you bought the film with Public performance rights for $250 you will have to add only $100. For films you don't own as yet you can purchase with Library use for $175 today and add $175 when you decide to stream. In the future we plan to stream by ourselves but now we learnt that many universities do it by themselves.

Nahum Laufer
Docs For Education

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