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October 10, 2012

Dear Friends,

This month, I'd like to alert you to positive reviews that three of our films received from Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO).

Hatmaker Murder of a Hatmaker
EMRO: + Highly Recommended
Read the review
More about this film

Badal Badal
EMRO: + Highly Recommended
Read the review
More about this film

Rafting_to_Bombay Rafting to Bombay
EMRO: Recommended
Read the review
More about this film

NEW: In other exciting news, I'd like to give you a heads-up on our next documentary, called One Day After Peace. This film has been making the festival circuit, and had a special screening yesterday at The United Nations headquarters in New York city. Recognized for it's contribution to the field of conflict resolution, One Day After Peace was recently featured in the Hamptons International Film Festival, and will be shown at the Unspoken Human Rights film festival in Utica, NY this week. For more information on this film, including a full list of festival screenings, visit

One Day After Peace One Day After Peace

Nahum Laufer
Docs For Education

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