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October 19, 2015

Dear Friends,

This time I'm recommending A new release of Docs for Education Marrying an Ice Cream Factory for your library/film series. As with all films I choose to distribute, this is a quality documentary that is on the international festival circuit.

Velvel, Ranni's father, was a poor orphan, who married Raya Strauss and began working in the family owned factory (which started as a small dairy farm and became one of the biggest food conglomerates in Israel). They divorced when Ranni was 10, and for him, his father remained this strict meticulous withdrawn man who tore the family apart. 8mm reels, discovered after his death arouse questiones that lead Ranni to embark on a personal journey between his parents' very different worlds in an attempt to better understand his father and the complexities of family loyalty, trying to overcome years of alienation. Looking at his family from behind the camera, he is reshaping his memories.

Movie Still

This is the stuff cinema is made of... A bourgeois fairytale… A film that gets stuck in one's throat like suffocating tears. — Doron Brosh, Ma'ar'iv

For details see the film page on Marrying an Ice Cream Factory

Please pass this on to faculty and associates, especially those involved in family studies, women studies, gender studies, children with divorced parents studies, and Israel studies.

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