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March 21, 2016

Dear Friends,

Docs for Education is proud to include Cry of the Owl (Himba) in our collection, this film shot by my son Erez is an Astonishing document of a vanishing world of the Himba.

"Cry of the Owl" is a film that depicts a vanishing world of the Himba, an ethnic group in the north western corner of Namibia, one of the most desolated regions of Africa. The Himba are one of the last ethnic groups trying to maintain a traditional way of life. Winds of change, progress and modernism coupled with the real menace of AIDS, threaten to annihilate the ways of the Himba. The filmmakers got the rare opportunity of an intimate and personal look into the day-to-day lives of one family. The Himba people opened their hearts and huts for the film makers, sharing their feelings, thoughts, desires and fears.

The Cry Of The Owl The film was shot 12 years ago, during an 18 month period. Because of the fast changes that occurred in that area, the film ha become a rare and astonishingly intimate "last chance to see" portrait, of the Himba people. A must see for Africa studies, Women studies, AIDS, Social and Anthropological studies.

We believe that every University/College that has an Anthropology, Africa, or Women Studies department should have a copy in its library. If you'd like to see a preview, contact me for a Vimeo password protected link.

Now we are offering the film to academic libraries for $195 with PPR or $150 for library use (instead of $295) and for $100 addition we will let you stream unlimited from your library streamer to your faculty and Students for 5 years.

"I have been involved in hundreds of Documentaries as Director, Producer or Editor filming in Israel, USA, China, India, Africa, Europe, I had many adventures including filming in Mumbai during a terrorist attack, yet the experience of living and filming amongst the Himba was unique achievement I believe that "Cry of the Owl' is (one of) my best films." – Erez Laufer

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Erez Laufer has completed a new film, Rabin In His Own Words, which won Best Documentary at the Haifa International Film Festival. It will be released in theatres during May 2016.